About Me

I am originally from Los Angeles California. I have been living in South East Asia for almost 15 years now. I have a wonderful wife, a turbo charged toddler, and a crazy dog.

I have been online for over 5 years now. It has been a challenging, educational and rewarding experience. I know all the frustrations, struggles, information overload, and mistakes many go through on their journey to online success. I have gone though it all myself and then some.

How did i get started online? My journey is not what you are used to hearing. This is not some typical was homeless and penniless, living in my parents basement or on their sofa or even out of my car, story. I was not broke at all when i started. What was i doing before?

I used to work offshore in the oil and gas fields but gave it up to become a full time marketer. The money offshore was pretty good — when i was actually working –. Of course i had no real control of when i could go to work and many times when i finished a contract i had no idea when i was going back.

The truth is i hated it. It was like ground hog day for periods of sometimes over 90 days at a time. 12 hour days, 7 days a week, same place to eat, same menu every week, same faces, and nowhere to go. Only privacy was drawing the curtain in my bunk. Same scenery just floating around in the ocean looking at oil rigs…Boring! I really wanted to get out of the business and one day looking around on the internet i found affiliate marketing.

When i first started i struggled of course. I chased all the shiny objects, bought all the full of fluff or outdated courses and was getting nowhere. People couldn’t understand or wrap their heads around what it was about or what i was trying to do. All i kept hearing was when are you going back to work? Get your ass offshore and make some money, but i was determined not to go back. I already told you i hated it and didn’t want to go back but there is something else.

Right before one of my last trips, before i went offshore my wife was told she couldn’t have kids. She was devastated! A couple of weeks later she wanted to get a puppy and i said ok. Two weeks later i left to go to work. After a month or so i asked her to e mail me some pics of the dog, i had to ask her if she was sure it was the same dog. I could not believe how fast he had grown.

About a year later we decided to try IVF. I said to myself no way am i going back offshore and miss my kid growing up. I saw all the heartaches of the absentee dads on the vessels. That is when i got serious and determined to make it online.

It was a struggle to say the least, i was too stubborn to simply do the things i was told because i thought it was too much of a learning curve. Ultimately i realized i had to get my nose a bit bloody by putting it so hard onto the grindstone but it paid off.

Now i want to help others get over some of the humps and start making money online. Feel free to reach out to me and email me at Brian@brianisinbiz.com.

While i can not respond to each individual email i do read them all. When i see a certain subject come up over again i will do a blog post or video to address some of the questions, the links will be emailed out to my subscribers so make sure to get on my mailing list and get your free downloads as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you all


Best of success

Brian Berlin

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