Hello to all you from the old “Cash From Home X ” site, and new readers alike!

For new readers, Cash From Home X was a dedicated review site for products and services for the Internet Marketing industry. I reviewed many coaching programs, wordpress plug ins, software programs, and marketing courses. I finally had to shut it down for a few reasons:

I was spending way too much time studying and reviewing things that i didn’t have enough time for my own business
It was impossible to keep up with all the revisions, new versions and updates to all of these

As new products kept coming out they begun to overshadow older products and versions. Reviews as recent as 6 months ago were becoming obsolete.

With this site my goal is to help new and struggling marketers by sharing some of my own experiences and mistakes. To offer solutions to keep you moving forward and motivated to never give up.

This will also be for intermediate and advanced marketers as well. I will inform you on what i am doing, new programs, biz op offers, product launches, traffic sources, and my take on what is working right now.

If you are not already on my mailing list i urge you to sign up on the right and download one of the e books offered. There will be offers not available on this blog but only to my subscribers.

Blog posts are great but short reports and mini e books can go much further in depth and will only be sent out to those on my list, it would just take up too much room to make them available here. Some e books will be featured on Amazon but i will always give my readers Free access to every report and e book i create.

I am glad to have you with me, you can always reach out to me at Brian@brianisinbiz.com. Look forward to hearing from you.

Best of success

Brian Berlin

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